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Why Latino Bigs are so important.

Latinos know all too well the variety of challenges Hispanic children face today. Many of our Latino Littles come from immigrant families and are adjusting to the nuances of a new culture. And, like all young people today, they face the lure of dangerous role models such as gangs and the temptation of drugs. About 20% of the children we serve are Hispanic – a number on the rise. Yet, only 9% of our Bigs are Latino. Also, more than 70% of the children ready and waiting to be matched with a mentor are boys, yet only 3 of 10 volunteer inquiries come from men.


Our children need a boost in self-esteem and encouragement to believe in themselves. Only an adult can provide this kind of guidance and consejos, which can come in the form of sharing a personal story about the difficulties of algebra. The bonds of friendship can be formed over a slice of pizza, the laughter of a shared joke or listening to what your Little has to say. Latinos have a strong heritage of volunteering in their neighborhoods and places of worship. You can have a big impact now that will not only help one child, but help your entire community.

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