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Latino Bigs has had a standing partnership with a fantastic and dedicated group of bloggers called the Latina Mom Bloggers. They routinely post about all sorts of issues specific to the Latino community, so a partnership with is a natural fit. Heading into the holiday season, a handful of the bloggers took the time to write some articles on the importance of mentoring, and how the support of mentoring programs like those offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters can be of true benefit to the Latino community.

Rita Hernandez

“Rita Reviews” came out of her need to have something to call her own. She enjoys writing about things she is interested in, and appreciates that the blogging community provides her with a forum to write about her reviews, thoughts and interests. She has done some writing for a couple of other blogs and resources online, usually specific to the Latino community.You can see the latest piece she wrote about Latino Bigs here.

Diana Rodriguez

Diana Rodriguez was born in Colombia and currently lives in Florida. Her love of family, as well as her interest in cost-cutting measures during the economic downturn inspired her to share her knowledge with other people in the form of her blog. She enjoys shopping, cooking and do-it-yourself projects, in addition to home gardening, growing her own food. Entre Compras y El Hogar” covers a variety of topics including shopping, makeup, fashion, reviews, household products and others.

Recently, Diana wrote a post about the importance of mentoring and volunteering one’s time with an organization like Latino Bigs.

Astrid Rivera

"LatinBlah" serves as an online magazine covering issues related to “US Bicultural Hispanics.” The material ranges from stories about culture, music, fashion, family and community. Taking pride in their multiculturalism, much of the content for “LatinBlah” relates to the Latino community as it stands within the United States.

One of their writers, Astrid Rivera, recently posted about mentoring in the Latino community, as well as the necessity of supporting organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters. Her piece for Latino Bigs can be found here.

Leanette Fernandez

Leanette and her family live in South Florida. Her blog, Teach Me 2 Savee,” covers a variety of topics including health, money, travel, home life and entertainment. She has written for several other publications, and has been featured in “Women’s Day Magazine,” the “Miami Herald,” various other programs and websites.

As a part of the Latina Mom Bloggers, Leanette wrote a piece in partnership with Latino Bigs about giving back to Big Brothers Big Sisters in the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season.

Her post can be seen here.

Nina Say

Nina began her blog in 2009 without much of an idea of where it would go in terms of content or subject matter. Her blog posts cover a variety of topics based on her personal interests, including photography, children, food and weight loss. Nina also writes product reviews and serves as a brand ambassador.

In addtion to her personal blogging, Nina owns and operates Blog Friendly PR, a blogging community, and she also works with professionals to help boost brand awareness for products and services within the blogging community. Nina posted about the importance of supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters, and especially our goal to recruit more men volunteers to serve as mentors. Her post can be found here.

Danielly Lara de Azevedo

“Un dulce hogar” covers topics related to home living, in addition to other issues and subject areas specific to women, including women in the Hispanic or Latino communities. Danielly writes about arts and crafts, recipes, health, savings and also product reviews.

As a part of the partnership between Latina Mom Bloggers and Latino Bigs, Danielly wrote an interesting piece on ten different ways that you can support the Latino community, with several of the options involving supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters and Latino Bigs. To read her post, go here.

Aracely Worley

Aracely is a mother of two from Southern California. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Cal State Fullerton. Her blog, geared toward families in Southern California, serves as a guide for living and experiencing Southern California, with a particular focus on families with young children.

She recently wrote a post, “Paying it Forward with Big Brothers and Big Sisters,” in which she encourages her followers to look into ways they can support Big Brothers Big Sisters. Her posting can be seen here (

Tiany Davis

Tiany, her husband and their four children live in Baton Rouge, La. where she blogs, homeschools her children and engages in social media networking. She founded The Homeschool Lounge, a large blogging community for mothers who homeschool children. She routinely blogs about issues related to motherhood, children, health, food and travel. She has done some contributing work with an ABC News campaign and for Save the Children.

Her recent blog post, “Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving – Be a Big Brother or Big Sister,” was written as a part of the Latina Mom Bloggers partnership with Latino Bigs. Read it here.