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Nothing is more powerful than seeing change in action. Get to know a few of our Bigs and Littles and see the big impact of people creating lasting friendships.

  • VIDEO: Naomi and Teresa
  • "For me it's really easy to be a Big Sister. It's the little things in a child's life that makes a big difference," said Big Sister Naomi who enjoys baking, bike riding and just hanging out with her Little Sister Teresa. Teresa credits Naomi with helping her deal with bullying, instilling confidence and self-esteem. "I truly see her as my real Big Sister."

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  • VIDEO: Santiago and Andrew
  • "It's wonderful and exciting to be a Big Brother," said Big Brother Santiago describing his commitment to Little Brother Andrew. Taking advantage of the wonderful Los Angeles weather, Santiago and Andrew spend a lot of time together outdoors making paper airplanes, playing frisbee at the parks and shooting hoops. Santiago, a landscaper for the University of Southern California, has taken the time to share his love of gardening with Andrew. Santiago points out these activities cost no money -- only time which is the greatest gift we can give our youth. Take it from Andrew, "he's an awesome Big Brother!"

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  • STORY: The Girl's Got Swagger
  • Cindy and her Big Sister see eye-to-eye, but not just because they are both well under 5 feet tall. The pair have so much in common that it’s as if they’ve been friends for their entire lives. However, before Cindy met Kate, she was shy and consumed by self-doubt. Thanks to a night at the opera, her stepfather began noticing a definite “change in Cindy’s swagger.”

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  • STORY: Sabino and Sergio
  • Get to Know Sabino and Sergio. It's hard to believe there was a time when Sergio, now a 14-year-old honor student, was a regular visitor in the principal's office, and not for good reasons. Only nine-years-old when they he was matched with a caring college sophmore, instead of bringing home bad grades and getting into fights, Sergio now dreams of going to college and studying veterinary medicine (any maybe wrestling!). With five younger siblings, Sabino decided to be a Big Brother because he never knew what it felt like to have an older brother. Sabino's guidance and friendship is paying off.
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  • VIDEO: Thomas and Julio
  • Get to know Julio & Thomas! They finish each other’s sentences when talking about important subjects like pro wrestling and video games. They are also working together to deal with a little bit of bullying and a lot of homework. Julio is a precocious 10-year-old and lives with his grandmother. He lives in a world filled with dinosaurs, death-defying wrestlers and unfortunately, a bully or two. Fresh out of college, Thomas is looking to make his mark in the world. With his love of teaching and a hope to help those that can use a hand, he's become a strong force in Julio's life.
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